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My name is Paul and I spent 41 years working in one of the big four supermarkets in both head office and stores. I have also spent time in a department store and working for customer research agencies.

I hope to use this blog to show ways of getting best value from your weekly shop and share some insight into how a store works and to answer some of the common questions I get asked. Not least the "why do you always move things around" question

Why promote handmade soaps?

The selected soaps are a mix of cruelty free, vegan, parabens and SLS free and are well reviewed by a good amount of customers. They are reasonably priced and make great presents. For me this is an opportunity to promote smaller companies, producing great handmade and environmentally friendly products. I make a small commission on sales,  but this helps to cover my time and costs of maintaining the site and blog. I hope you enjoy these products


Disclaimer: I do hope to monetise this blog with an affiliate program to help support the costs and time involved. I am NOT sponsored and nor do I speak for any of the employers I have worked for. This is my own content based on my knowledge and opinions

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