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Where did my promotions go and what is HFSS?

Updated: May 23

Since October 2022, certain products which are High in Salt, Sugar and Fat (HFSS) are no longer allowed to be prominently promoted.

Supermarkets use their central aisles to boldly promote special offer items on end plinths, but items falling under the HFSS listing can no longer be promoted there by law.

Supermarkets have moved these products to offer areas within the aisle or by increasing their normal non promotional space.

The intention is to make HFSS categories less visible, so less likely to be bought as an impulse purchase.

Categories affected are:

  • Soft drinks

  • Cakes

  • Chocolate confectionery

  • Sugar confectionery

  • Ice cream

  • Morning goods (e.g. pastries, croissants)

  • Puddings

  • Sweet biscuits

  • Breakfast cereals

  • Yoghurts

  • Milk-based drinks with added sugar

  • Juice-based drinks with added sugar

  • Pizza

  • Ready meals

  • Meal centres including breaded and battered products

  • Crisps

  • Savoury snacks

  • Chips and similar potato products

  • Free refills of sugar sweetened drinks (in restaurants and coffee shops also in scope)

To be an HFSS product, it must follow the 2004/2005 Food Standards Agency calculation mix of (Energy kJ, saturated fat (g), total sugar (g) and sodium (mg)) versus (fruit, vegetable and nut (%), fibre NSP/AOAC (g) and protein (g)). per 100g. A food score of 4 or more and drink score of 1 or more is classified as a HFSS product.

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