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Nectar Prices are coming to all Nectar card shoppers

Updated: May 28

Find out a summary of changes below, but for the full details of how these schemes operate go to Nectar

Starting in April 2023, Sainsbury's has opened their existing Nectar Prices program from customers who use the Smartshop App, to all customers with a Nectar card.

Customers who already use Smartshop, get significant discounts on lines they buy every week. The Nectar app lists your personal Nectar price offers which change regularly, based on your historic shopping pattern. Each time you shop using Smartshop, you swipe your Nectar card to start, and Nectar prices are applied immediately when you select them.

The new iteration of Nectar Prices is slightly different as SELECTED PRODUCTS are identified for a Nectar Price reduction available to ALL Nectar customers, so not personally targeted as above. These price reductions are boldly displayed around the store for all Nectar customers to see, but also to tempt other customers to sign up. You select Nectar products as you go around, but the discount will only be applied if you swipe your Nectar card at the till when you pay. This contrasts with the Smart Shop app, where you swipe your card to start, and Nectar prices are applied automatically thereafter.

Essentially this is a large-scale Nectar recruitment drive, but for those who have a Nectar Card already but don't use Smartshop, or for new members, this creates an opportunity to save significant amounts of money on selected products.

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